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Educated women have a greater chance of escaping poverty, leading healthier and more productive lives. Education is essential part of a living beings whether it is a boy or a girl. Educating the girl child must be a necessity for the overall development of the country as women play an essential part in all around process of the country.

Educating girls can break cycles of poverty. Girl education in India is largely essential for the growth of the nation because girls can do most of the things better.

When we talk about the girl education only Jyotirao phule is remembered


Education cannot be defined in a single word or sentence. Education’s definition is wide and vast.

Now a days in many school education is given on activity based. Student can learn in more effective manner  through this way.

Every subject contains smart class learning  practical ,field trips, etc.

This gives learning as well as enjoyment to the students. This is also making education simple and easier.


Sports is most practical way to educate person practical things for life. Sports is best exercise to make person mentally, physically, emotionally and socially fit. In sports lot of movements and exercises are included which make person physically fit. sports is one of the best exercise to relieve stress which help everyone to stay mentally fit by increasing their concentration. By playing sports person learn teamwork, helping Nature, brotherhood, time management, decision making and lot of social manners. Sports educated person to deal with failure and success. Sports inculcate leadership skills which can also help for betterment of our society.


Business school classes have a lot of group projects, presentations and case studies, so one valuable skill students pick up throughout the coursework is how to work well with others. Teamwork and collaboration is a critical proficiency for business schools to teach because so much of the business world is about working with others to accomplish a common goal.

In any organizations every employee is dependent on his fellow employees to work together and contribute efficiently to the organization. No employee can work alone; he has to take the help of his colleagues to accomplish the tasks efficiently. It has


In recent years, India has made strides in bettering its education system. Between 2011 and 2015, the country increased its spending on education by 80 percent. Additionally, as of 2011, the country’s literacy rate was at 74 percent, a great improvement from the 52 percent recorded in 1991. While India’s education system has continued to improve throughout the years, it is still known as one of lesser education systems around the world. Here are some ways that India’s education system can be improved. 


Take the Pressure Off of Standardized Tests 

Like many nations, India is criticized for placing too


Indian education is based on memorizing rather than understanding.
The Indian education system is based on mere memorizing which is a big disadvantage, schools tend to generally follow the policy of forcing
the students to memorize question answers and then asking the same in the exam. Their main motive is to operate to make their standards high and gain profit rather than imparting a great deal of knowledge to their pupils. Many people are using education institutions to hide their black money and often they earn a hefty income from education institutions by cleverly structuring their business and bypassing


Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum, mainly seen in engineering/MBA courses. Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management concepts for students as they can practically see how these concepts are put into action. We know, theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the


There is no such thing as an excellent student or a poor student. Teachers should understand that students are motivated at different levels, have different attitudes to learning, and respond differently to specific classroom environments and teaching. The more teachers understand these differences and how they affect their students, the better chance they will have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students.

Students Should Not be Judged by their grades but should be judged how much they actually know. There are many ways to get grades but there is no way to understand things until someone is not hard working and


Direct education is the means of education in which the teacher and the child are face-to- face and pre-determined amount of knowledge is given to the child in a particular manner. This is done within in a specific time frame. On the other hand, indirect education allows the child the freedom to structure his own experiences in a natural way according to his interests and needs.


Creative Education

Today Education has had the same problems because it continuous using the same form

as formerly used to. Meanwhile today smart generation like to use so many new techniques, methods to recall and feel interesting to do it. Many spouses do not take a part in dance or in Arts because schools are only give focus on subjects which Education system thinks that they Education system thinks are important for new generation.

The same educational system is being found around the world because big companies always require skilled staff and qualified for their task, they require only such qualified persons

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