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" Education is the process of facilating the knowledge to the people, it is not for some age group  but it is for all the age group. Education is a process that brings positive change in human life and behaviour".

There is lots of changes occur in our Indian Education system. But now also many changes require in the system.Our education should more focus on practical rather than theory.As practical knowledge is more important .Our education believe in only bookish language.Education should be in such a way that focus on child creativity .And education should be taken on the basis


Vocational Education is education that prepares people to work as a technician or in various jobs. In this scenario Health Care, Graphic, Food Technology, Cosmetology as well as Technical and Automobile, Plumbing and Air conditions also new field open for it. Basic require for Vocational Education is X or XII Standards. So it is good opportunity to develop the career.

The students who develop practical skills for particular field are more confident and perform better in intentions as well as job than the students in better general academic background.

Vocational Education prepares students to take up highly rewarding jobs and


Co-Curricular activities plays very important roles in student’s life. Co-curricular activities are those courses of works and activities which supports and puts an add-on effect on our education integral part to raise our skills towards our core field we are mainly involved in. These are activities together with education or studies of school or institution. A Chinese proverb very aptly states that, “Teach me and I will Forget. Show me and I might remember. Involve me and I will never forget”. To a very great extent, the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a co-curricular activity related to the content


Smart Board is the smart choice for all schools to adopt in teaching. It is an interactive and attractive whiteboard. It can project images and interact with by pointing and writing on it or moving it around. This allows faculty to show subjects in a way that all students can understand easier. Lessons of smart board give more confidence to students, which make them more engaged and allows them to learn more. It only needs a CPU and a Projector to use. Instead of a mouse, the boards are touch screens, so anyone can use fingers to move things around


Education is a process of learning anything. With the help of education we can face any situation. Education gives us a new identity in society. It gives us a new identity and create a new India. Education is the capital that no one can steal. Without education we are incomplete and our lives are useless. Education helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout the life.

Nowadays we force our children to study whether it is school or home. Their report card shows how educated the child is. Every child has a different ability


Girls’ education and gender equality were the most talked about topics of early 90’s. The urban generation next of India would rather feel why have someone thought of writing about it. But I would like to point out that it is still rather a big problem of few interior villages of India. Efforts have been made by many socialists; ngo’s and even the World Bank Group. They have tried to promote girls’ education and ensure that girls do not suffer unreasonably in poor and vulnerable family due to lack of support and care. Many have worked towards enhancing the skills


Education basically means learning, which includes all sorts of learning whether in skill field, moral learning, value learning or taking knowledge of the different subjects also. In general people believe that education is a medium of getting good jobs which will lead to a better life and better living standards. But to my knowledge this is not the real meaning of education. It should be the way of thinking, behaving and contributing towards the society, which will do better to our lives as well as to the surroundings. The money and the facilities we earn after getting educated are mortal

Artificial Intelligence in Education

The rapid advances in technology in fresh decades have already brought about considerable changes in education, opening up new prospects to teach and learn anywhere anytime and providing new tools and methods to improve learning outcomes and support innovative teaching and learning.


Research into artificial intelligence and machine learning in education goes back to the late 1970s. Artificial intelligence methods were generally employed to design and facilitate interactive learning environments that would support learning by doing, and to design and implement tutoring systems by adapting instructions with respect to the students’ knowledge state.

But this is just the beginning.


A startup is a company that is in the first stage of its operations. These companies are often initially funded by their entrepreneurial founders as they attempt to capitalize on delivering  a product or service for which they believe there is a demand and which can help to fill a market gap that exists. Start-ups use an online platform to cater to the market.

Young entrepreneurs who are planning to start a new venture can assess the market opportunities which can become a source of idea generation for the start-ups. They should identify the market problems and the ways in which such


Education system in India can be called prejudiced. It does not take into account the spirit of the qualification held by a person. The best example that can be given in this regard is the norms in respect of the minimum qualifications that are required to become an academician/ teacher that considers post- graduation as a mandatory requirement to become an educator. Their criteria of post-graduation does not include Chartered Accountants. The irony lies here!

Chartered Accountants are considered as experts in the area of finance. They play a very eminent role in building nation’s economy. Their role is very

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