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Morning Time - Best time for study

Whenever it comes to serious studying, we end up in strained sleepless nights of study; plus an excessive overdose of caffeine. Admit it, at some point or the other in your life, you have stayed up late; just to put an impression that you are working hard. But, as far as the productivity levels are concerned; you have been doing it wrong all these years. Scientifically speaking; early morning studies are not only more productive but also enhances the brain capacity. Human brain cells tend to be more receptive in the early hours of the day. Anything that you study

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses. People exposed to entrepreneurship frequently express that they have more opportunity to exercise creative freedoms, higher self esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. As a result, many experienced business people political leaders, economists, and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global scale.

Entrepreneurship education

Reading Habit- A Boon

The statement that reading is a good habit is a self-obvious truth. Man is not a mere child of instincts. It is brainpower that makes a difference between him and animals. Reading is one of the most fundamental skills a child needs to learn to succeed in life. Developing good reading habits is vital to the child’s future not just academically, but in everyday life as well. Firstly, Reading develops vocabulary. The more your child reads, the more new words will find their way into his vocabulary. Reading allows for exposure to words and phrases that you might not use

The Teaching Philosophy

The indispensable and basic goal of teaching is to foster learning. Learning takes place in many different situation and contexts. Although everyone is capable of learning, a student's desire to learn is a essential pre-condition to effectively mastering new concepts and skills. Humans have multiple learning styles: some learn best in lecture ambiance, some are motivated by discussion, and others absorb best when they read and replicate on what they have read. The classroom setting can encourage or inhibit learning depending on the dominant learning style of each student. Accepting different learning styles creates an atmosphere that is conducive to

Why the Internet will Never Replace Books

In today’s modern world, technology has a great influence on our life and time. Now, in the 21st century, the creation of internet and other devices to access it has helped us to attain gigabytes of information, just with the click of our mouse. The internet has made it possible for us to acquire answers for almost all of the questions that we ask, and has alleviated the access to information to almost every topic imaginable. The Internet is very much like television in that it takes time away from other pursuits, provides entertainment and information, but in no way

Importance of Cultural Activities along Academic Programs in Colleges

Gone are the days when only academic programs were the only activities organised in colleges and all students focused on that. With the changing trend we have noticed that students don’t want to be bookworms, they look for other options that could help them in the future. Every student wants to acquire knowledge in every field to stay updated. Co-circular activities play a vital role in student’s life and every management colleges in Indore organizes these types of co-curricular activities. These activities have some benefits as follows.

Social Benefits

Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction and new relationship development.

Importance of Research in Management Education

Research is a central part of the academic mission of many business schools and a collective endeavor of all management education institutions at large. Research shapes the thinking of research professors and advances the public body of knowledge that is conveyed in the classroom. Because of the collective and global nature of the research endeavor, dominant research paradigms ultimately determine the educational content of business schools around the world. Any successful attempt to transform the educational process must therefore consider the types of research that are necessary to support such transformation and analyze whether current paradigms and research practices are

Importance of Sports in our Life

A healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on sports. One can think of a healthy mind only in a healthy body. Both physical and mental well being are the prerequisites of great achievements in man’s life.

Sports have their great utility. They provide relief and a sense relaxation in a life of monotony of routine marked by miseries, hardships and hurdles. They infuse a sportive, spirit to take up the heavy burden of life in a lighter vein and not to think of life either as a tragedy or a comedy but

Importance of NSS in college

The full form of NSS is National service scheme. The NSS is at college levels. In some colleges, they made it compulsory to join in NSS. The best colleges of Indore have NSS unit. The wing NSS will train the people how to do services for our nation and created volunteers for various services in the country, such as traffic controls, temple rush controls, etc. They learnt the people about the services which we can render to the society.

NSS comes under the Ministry of Youth affairs and sports. It was launched on Gandhiji’s birth year, 1969 with 37 universities

Blood Donation Camp in Colleges

India with a population of about one hundred crores is naturally the country which requires lot of blood to save lives of its citizens. It has been quoted that there is a need of about 8 million units of blood every year in our country. Out of this, only half that is around 4 million units can be obtained from voluntary blood donors. Rest all comes from replacement blood donation from relatives or paid donors. As per the guidelines provided by Govt. of India, blood is to be collected only from voluntary blood donors or relatives of the patient. Acceptance

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