Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Conference aims to provide a forum to present and discuss research on Skill Development and Technological Innovations among academicians and practitioners. This will be achieved through multi-disciplinary research-based idea generation. Growth and development of any country, by and large, lies in the entrepreneurial ability to its citizens and this becomes more imperative in a country like India where women entrepreneurs are now recognized as the most important contributors to the economic growth. Conference endeavors to bring richness in discussion by encouraging contributions from researchers and practitioners across academic institutions and industry worldwide. The theme of the conference is therefore to be acquainted with these approaches necessary to identify, develop, create and grow for a better future. This conference also aims to gather decision makers, innovation experts (universities, research and development centers, technology transfer centers, start-up centers) and practitioners (SMEs, business incubators and business support organizations) to generate discussion and exchange on the potential of entrepreneurship promotion and innovation to national and regional competitiveness.

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