Meditation: A boon for Students

Meditation: A boon for Students

We usually never thought of meditation, yoga and studying all together in the same sentence. But it is worth noting that all they can be interrelated.  Wonder no longer,  meditation is absolutely fantastic for young people and is the finest solution to many problems, but many have failed to recognize the fact. 

Student life goes through many different phases. There are lot of activities which have to be done together-Collage/school, Tuitions, assignments, projects, exams etc. Moreover there are friends, movies, parties, get togethers and social media to add on. A student has to deal with them all together. But time does not permit him to do all things simultaneously which leads to stress and mental disorders. It is very important to deal with it in the right manner.  

Meditation is the best medicine, which is preferred by every one for mental depression and tension. Success falls at the side of a student, who practices meditation regularly. Meditation is good for all the ages, especially it is very important for students because this stage determines future life. Students can obtain lot of benefits through meditation. Peace of mind, good sustainability, good health, concentration and attention are some of the major outcomes of meditation. Students encounter lot of mental stress (for example: a student cannot concentrate on particular thing in a particular time) at that peculiar stage. But, meditation can alleviate such defects.

Despite knowing about the benefits of meditation, students tend to ignore meditation. They are very much reluctant about meditation, thinking that it is a strenuous act. But actually, it is very simple exercise to mind and body. Start doing breathing exercise, as it is considered as the first step towards meditation therapy. Whenever you get little free time you can do this exercise. Morning and Night (just before sleep) are pretty appropriate for breathing exercise. A quiet place, which has good ventilation, is rightly appropriate one to do breathing exercise.

In this exercise, you should concentrate only on your breathing. Initially, you might feel it little tough, but as days go by you will find it easy. At the beginning stages, your mind will wander but slowly you will be able to focus your thoughts. So, do not worry about wavering mind - it is common, which you can bring it under control. Breathing exercise is one of the best tool, but should be done at the right time and place. It not only relaxes your mind, but also the body. Meditation is a good master for an excellent student.

The author of this article is Asst. Professor Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies

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