Best MBA College in Indore

Best MBA College in Indore

Almost everyone sincerely believes that he or she listens effectively.  Consequently, very few people think they need to develop their listening skills.  But, in fact, listening effectively is something that very few of us can do.  It's not because listening effectively is so difficult.  Most of us have just never developed the habits that would make us effective listeners. 

Effective listening is actively absorbing the information given to you by a speaker, showing that you are listening and interested, and providing feedback to the speaker so that he or she knows the message was received.  Delivering verbal communication, like writing a newsletter, involves trying to choose the right words and nonverbal cues to convey a message that will be interpreted in the way that you intend.  Effective listeners show speakers that they have been heard and understood.

Research has found that by listening effectively, you will get more information from the people you manage, you will increase others' trust in you, you will reduce conflict, you will better understand how to motivate others, and you will inspire a higher level of commitment in the people you manage.

Effective listening is a way of showing concern for subordinates, and that fosters cohesive bonds, commitment, and trust.  Effective listening tends to reduce the frequency of interpersonal conflict and increases the likelihood that when conflicts emerge they will be resolved with a "win-win" solution.  In addition, if you listen to the people you manage, you will learn "what makes them tick."  When you know what makes them tick, you will be more effective at motivating them. Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, one of the best MBA colleges in Indore emphasize on developing listening skills by means of customized co-curricular activities in each semester.

The author of this article is Asst. Professor Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore.

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