Effect of Smart Classroom on Learning Environment

Effect of Smart Classroom on Learning Environment

In the context of global policy, global society and global economy, each and every country is seriously thinking of heightening the degree of quality in system of education. Globalization has permitted technical progress in communication field which enables users to access and exchange information at anytime and from any place in the world. Technology plays a vital role in education. In today’s competitive world the child needs the skill sets, which are beyond subject knowledge and require concentration, assimilation power and retention. In this regard the role of smart class is quite important. Smart class is introduced by Educomp. Educomp is one of the largest education companies in India taking care of entire education life cycle of students. The company currently works with over 26000 schools and over 15millons learners and educators across the world Educomp is India’s largest K-12 content library of rich 3D multimedia educational content modules. It’s founder is Shantanu Prakash. It’s headquarter is in Gurgaon. In India is has 10 offices. The company works closely with schools to implement innovative models to create and deliver content to enhance student’s learning.

In the last eight years over 80 million smart class sessions have been held in schools. This has given Educomp some invaluable insights into the real challenges that teacher encounter and their ever growing expectations from the program. These insights have helped to understand the pain areas to develop a whole new school transformation system. Educomp has now flagged off, the next generation of smart class. In smart class transformation system (CTS) and the smart class digital teaching system (DTS) are the biggest and most innovative initiatives in the space of digital classroom hardware respectively.

Bhattacharya (1999) investigated the critical view of work done on the use of computer as instructional tool for teaching chemistry. The main objectives of the study were to aim at developing tools for evaluating the effectiveness of available software in chemistry study and development of software in different areas of chemistry and they found that available software in chemistry was of good quality and most of the available software adopted lecture cum demonstration method in a class 20-40 minutes. The digital teaching system is world’s first fully integrated one switch digital interactive teaching system, specially designed to work in high ambient temperatures and dusty conditions present in Indian class rooms. The class transformation system broadens the choice of teaching tool available with teacher beyond invaluable rich 3D animations to bring abstract concepts to life. The class transformation system poised as the next generation of Educomp smart class in schools is the revolutionary leap forward in enabling excellence in schools. Smart class is a digital initiative of Educomp, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology powered by world’s largest repository of right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts. Watching highly engaging visuals and animations.

This makes learning an enjoyable experience of students while improving their overall academic performance in school. Smart class also enables teachers to assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with an innovative assessment technology smart assessment system designed by Educomp. Delivery model smart class has unique delivery model for schools. A knowledge center is created inside the school equipped with the entire library of smart class digital content. The knowledge centre is connected to smart room through intranet. Teachers get relevant digital resources such as animations and videos interactive virtual labs tools etc. and use them as a part of their lesson plan in every class rooms are equipped with state of art infrastructure complete with custom designed electronic interactive white board, projection system PC’s and UPS Ena. Smart class is equipped with tools such as:  The Science teacher can use a diagram drawer which plays a step by step line drawing animation. o Teacher can get a brilliant teaching idea by clicking on teaching idea icon before teacher commences teaching or use topic synopsis or mind map to recapitulate the salient points of a lesson or concept taught.  There are worksheets, web links for more information on lessons/topics taught.

Support and training a team of over 1000 professionals of Educomp stand fully dedicated to support schools and teachers on day to day basis. Armed with highly evolved methodologies, tools and processes to help schools absorb the benefit of smart class. Smart class is mapped to the curriculum of state boards, CBSE and ICSE. Smart class is a digitized classroom, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in school with innovative and meaningful use of technology, powered by the world’s largest repository of digital content mapped to Indian school curriculum, smart class brings in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. Debi (2003) concluded that students performed better when exposed to program teaching material perform learning material was found to be effective compare to the traditional method of teaching. Smart class room technology known as interactive whiteboard 2 Volume 3 that is used by classrooms all over. The interactive white board is huge screen that is mounted to a wall of the classroom. It is brought into class room it can serve a number of purposes.



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The author of this article is Assistant Professor, Pioneer Institute, Indore

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