As we all are aware that ‘Corona Virus’ has become an epidemic now. Its deadly impact has left no country untouched. There is a panic prevailing throughout the world amongst people.

Talking about our country, India, a complete lockdown has been declared by our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. People have locked themselves inside their homes. Everyone is praying and worshipping God to save the world from the Corona Epidemic.

These days there is a flooding of messages on the social media, which no doubt are keeping us informed in all aspects. But besides, there are also rumours, false information and a lot of trash that is being spread by some people. We, as prudent human beings should know that what information is useful for us and whether it is reliable or not!

Above all, the need of the hour is to stay positive and healthy, physically and mentally. We all know that if the immune system is strong, then there is no risk of getting exposed at all. So we should all focus on strengthening our immunity. Reading positive and informative articles, doing proper physical exercise, meditating, taking proper nutrition , sleeping well would surely help us to stay strong and fight against the epidemic.

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