Is Internet being a Boon or Curse to the Education System. Yes, it is both on one side Internet is Boon because using technology reduces the work load and helps students to understand subject better. Basically, it is also driving the way that teachers teach and students learn. Technology created knowledge and valuation systems will be essential in improving student learning and creating data that can be used to continuously improve the education system at all levels. Within few seconds it provides answer to almost every question. In the 21st Century technological advances has shattered. Schools have not been left out in these improvements. Classroom technology has become increasingly more popular. Each tool provides teachers with a method in which they can actively engage their students. These tools are Internet, LCD Projector, Smart Board, Laptop or Computer, Digital Camera, Tablets, etc. These can help students to learn lessons fun, interesting, and more active. But on the other side it is being Curse as it helps in improving students learning but at the same time it limits the knowledge of student only to internet and reduces practical implication. For example, if anyone have to write anything, they just google it and make copy paste of it that leads to reducing the thinking skills of students they were just limited to the internet which results in lack of reading habits in students which ultimately resulted in losing concentration power. They are just become a “copy-paste” machine, not able to think anything innovative. They were just trying to reframe the available information. Technology becomes a curse when the student, who surfs the internet, look for inattentive subjects. The exploitation and misuse of the internet will have turn to reaching unfavourable effects on life. Allowing the students to access the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that all the things that they are going to discover are good and right for their mind and studies. We can say that Internet is a blessing for education system but it can never replace a teacher because the technology only provides the knowledge but the experiences is only being shared by the teachers. Because of everything available on internet which make the education system more creative but at the same it limits the minds of students only to the learning available on the internet. As every coin has two sides, Internet is also proved boon to students or education system to very great extent but it also proven curse to some extent.

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