Home Schooling and Handling kids during COVID- 19


You might be quiet worried about your kid’s academics. You will limit whichever way you can to provide them learning through web sites, books etc.

But try and understand just as we are scared and worried right now, our kids are also scared. They can see and hear everything that is going around through NEWS papers, TV, and Wattsapp. They can feel our tension and worries. They have never come across such a thing before.

Although ,they are happy to have such a long break from school. They can’t even imagine being locked at home.  But as the time will pass you will observe their behavior issues like anxiety, anger, protest, stubbornness as they are not able to do normal things as they do so during their vacations like going out, playing with friends in garden or eat out etc. But this is normal and expected from them in such a situation.

What they really need is the comfort and love. We should make them understand that soon things are going to be normal. Meanwhile, to make the atmosphere normal at home, play with them, paint, cook. Watch movies along with them. Which includes your favorites and there. Sing songs, make videos. Do all funny things. Share your childhood stories with them and don’t always be the hero in your stories. Shares your childhood and teenage mistakes with them and then how you realized and corrected them.  You can do small science experiments with them.  Read a book together. Hug them, snuggle them. Sometimes saying “I LOVE YOU” does wonders.

We request you please do not worry about their academics for which WE TEACHERS AND SCHOOL is there. Once all this get over and the school will reopen we will take care of them. Please do not scream if your kid is not doing MATH or not learning or not writing, it may happen. But you can teach them in play way method like playing scribble, board games, story writing (give them some points and out lines to make a story) you also write along with them and cross check each other’s story or work. You can play ANTAKCHAI of words, ATLAS, spellings etc.  Do gardening, cleaning task. Take their help in day to day household chores. Share information about your family, make family tree.  Call your distant relatives and cousins and enquire about their health.


We mothers generally share everything with our growing daughters, but it is time for the FATHERS to bond with their growing son by having long chats, sharing their teenage stories, bunking class during college days etc. with them.

Remember your child’s mental health is equally important along with their academics. Let them cherish the memories of these days passed with you, for long.

Take care, stay healthy and blessed.

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