There is no second opinion about the awareness that is spread by the social media in the present scenario. It has become a  big source of information in all aspects. People who are actively using social media instantly get themselves updated in respect of the latest happenings. It is also a good source of refreshment and entertainment.

But, as it is rightly said that there exists an other side of the coin! There are certain  impacts of using social media, which can be observed and felt. Our country's youth is  increasingly getting addicted to using it. The reason to worry is that they are not using this platform just for sociality or for learning something productive, but they getting involved into things that are trash! They are killing thieir quality time by engaging in all sorts of unethical and unproductive activities.

The consequences of such habits will be very detrimental not only for the youth but also for the nation.

The need of the hour is to make them realise that what are their duties and limits in this progressive stage of their life. Being an addict to social media may spoil their career which they may not again be able to bring on track.

 The youth represents the future of a country and their energy if exploited properly can do wonders for the nation.

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