Education  is not preparation for life ,Education is life itself. From darkness to light is the sole aim of education. In today’s scenario, we, the educationist, parents and the Government should work together for the betterment of our children. First of all we have to cultivate values, constructive thinking, problem solving and life skills. Let us provide Wings to our children so that they can fly high to reach their new Heights.

Parents need to spend time with children everyday and speak good things lovingly. Always speak positive things about them rather than negative things. Don’t compare them with others. let him be like as they are. Be an example to them. They will learn from us. Speak to them about successful personalities, special persons those who are in the special field and their achievements. Teach them hard work. They will understand that reward is impossible without pain or sweat. Teach them successful stories so that they will learn about failures. Teach them about being busy in their duties that they will identify the laziness. Tell them about the winners of destiny so that they will realize how the losers lost their destination. Through this article, I call for sincere and stable Cooperation from the part of parents to give time for their children and monitor their activities and growth. Let us strive to work together to build our children’s future.

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