There is no such thing as an excellent student or a poor student. Teachers should understand that students are motivated at different levels, have different attitudes to learning, and respond differently to specific classroom environments and teaching. The more teachers understand these differences and how they affect their students, the better chance they will have of meeting the diverse learning needs of all of their students.

Students Should Not be Judged by their grades but should be judged how much they actually know. There are many ways to get grades but there is no way to understand things until someone is not hard working and intelligent logically. For instance, Steve Jobs never finished college yet he became a successful and world-famous inventor and entrepreneur. Another example is that of Richard Branson, the British business magnate, and investor. He left school at 15 and now owns the Virgin brand.

Students’ grades should not be used as a measure to judge their overall potential and intelligence because grades are always subjective. They also eliminate the opportunity for self-evaluation. I believe that grades cannot measure one’s ability because not every A grade student is successful in life. Intelligence cannot be defined by grades or exams, and exam results do not determine success in life.

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