Creative Education


Today Education has had the same problems because it continuous using the same form

as formerly used to. Meanwhile today smart generation like to use so many new techniques, methods to recall and feel interesting to do it. Many spouses do not take a part in dance or in Arts because schools are only give focus on subjects which Education system thinks that they Education system thinks are important for new generation.

The same educational system is being found around the world because big companies always require skilled staff and qualified for their task, they require only such qualified persons benefitting for their company smart people. 

Have to develop New Ideas while teaching:-

 Young people can well –versed with new technology and application they can use it. Some school started to use these technologies and they have had better results. Many young students for enhance their knowledge use correctly those news platforms more effectively than seniors. So, that school can use applications or platforms or can implement new methods, new ways to teach.

So many times useful smart classes or some videos or some games as well as some practical assignments/debate/seminar/conferences are more helpful to build his/her carrier of their interest.

Effective creative teaching comes through freedom as well as to build confidence. To provide knowledge with practical to improve their grasping power. 

For the steps are:

  1. Assess Creatively. ...
  2. Reward Creative Ideas and Projects. or give some points  ...
  3. Encourage Sensible Risks. ...
  4. How to avoid Mistakes. ...
  5. Create A Stimulating Environment. ...
  6. Delay Pleasure. ...
  7. Help Students Identify And Plan For Obstacles
  8. Try to encourage students who are so weaker in education.


Creative Education is the most important for the entire student.



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