Education system in India can be called prejudiced. It does not take into account the spirit of the qualification held by a person. The best example that can be given in this regard is the norms in respect of the minimum qualifications that are required to become an academician/ teacher that considers post- graduation as a mandatory requirement to become an educator. Their criteria of post-graduation does not include Chartered Accountants. The irony lies here!

Chartered Accountants are considered as experts in the area of finance. They play a very eminent role in building nation’s economy. Their role is very much required in upliftment of a country. All these facts can make one ponder as to why can’t their financial expertise be utilized in the area of Academics? Finance is one of the most important components in our education curriculum. Our education system can exploit the expertise of the finance professionals but still there are no reforms in the system till date. There are many educators who despite being post-graduates have a shamingly low knowledge of the subjects taught by them but still the traditional approach continues.
The rigidness of the policies framed at the higher level is downgrading the entire system of Education.


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