Chartered Accountancy – is not just a course it is a social responsibility for which you are being trusted by the public, government authorities, corporates and others pillars of economy.
The chartered accountant is expected to have the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in the country. This degree is considered as the most prestigious degree, but it is said that powers come with responsibilities and similarly a chartered accountant is responsible to be honest towards their profession.
It’s a rare breed, as it is not easy to become a Chartered Accountant as the course is designed in such a manner that a student has to undergo rigorous training for 3 years under a chartered accountant in practice along with in depth studies of several different subjects including Several Business Laws, Tax Laws, Advanced Accounting, Advanced Auditing, Financial Management, Cost Accounting and many others,.
One of the best perk of being a chartered accountant is Respect, A Chartered Accountant has its own status in the society. A chartered accountant gets to add a prefix in his name i.e. CA.
A Chartered accountant along with advanced accounting and auditing studies most of the business related laws, Tax Laws, Financial management and other core subjects in deep, which provide ocean of opportunities in various areas of Business, Practice and Teaching & Mentoring, also a CA can be a successful businessmen as he is well versed with all the dimensions of the business.
Lastly, Chartered Accountants are one of the highest paid professional in India. This profession is high on demand and will remain high due to growing complexities of the business. One Signature of a Chartered Accountant can change the status of the document.

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