Computers are playing an important role in the information age. They deeply impact in many areas, undoubtedly, in the field of training to improve the calibre of learning as well as instruction. Several resources and technologies have been used to better the calibre of the instruction system. Prospective teachers, as well as teacher in-service, must aware about the impact of computers in the field of education as well as their subject area to make learning effective. This will assist teachers to experience the integrated technologies are assisting in their classroom instruction. This report will talk over the diverse utilization of information processing systems which produce effective learning as well as a teaching process.

Today, the role of the computer and its related technologies has expanded in the education system to meet the following functions:-
• Used as traditionally to teach, practice writing
• Utilized to provide simulation and real- world environment to improve cognitive thinking
• Used to raise the communication through Internet and communication media
• Used as productivity tool such as spreadsheet, databases, word processor etc.


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