Curriculum is that which the pupil is taught. It involves more than the act of learning and quiet study. It also involves occupations, productions, achievement, exercise, and activity. In the sense, curriculum is the path through which the student has to go forward in order to reach the goal envisaged by education. Usually the term curriculum is understood as a group of subject prescribed for study in a particular course. Thus, the term curriculum in recent years has come to mean all the planned activities and experiences available to the student under the direction of the school. Curriculum is dynamic and changes according to the needs of the pupil and society.

Curriculum should stand for all the experiences that can be included in the study of a particular subject which are thought to be essential for the realization of the set goals or objectives of that subject and it is essential for teachers and educational administrators to design and organize the curriculum according to the flexible tests of the pupils. It is concluded that curriculum development is the organized preparation of whatever is going to be taught in schools at a given time in a given year. They are made into official documents, as guides for teachers, and made obligatory by provincial and territorial departments.

Overall curriculum development is the best way to find new path of future orientation and also include development of students, teachers and cultures.

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