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They make us live in multiple worlds: books

Today I was glad when my 6 years doll asked me that “Maa when will be I able to read Geronimo ki series.” Well being ... Read more

Effect of Smart Classroom on Learning Environment

In the context of global policy, global society and global economy, each and every country is seriously thinking of heightening the degree of quality in ... Read more

Distance Learning (Tele –Education)

Distance education or distance learning is the education of students who are not physically present at a school. Courses that are conducted partly through distance ... Read more

Value Based Education - A Must For Society!!!!!!!

Education is the movement from darkness to light. It is most powerful tool which we can use to change the world. It is learning of ... Read more

About CBCS (choice based Credit System)

What is choice based Credit System?University Grants Commission has come up with the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) programme in which the students have a ... Read more

Present Position Of Higher Education

India with more than a billion residents has the second largest education system in the world after United States and China. The main governing body ... Read more

Preparing A child For College

Education is the process of facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, ... Read more

Primary Education-Role of Parents

No one teaches us how to dream. We just do. But dreams can only carry the 61 million children not in school, mostly girls, so ... Read more

Technology and Kids

Today technology has become a permanent part of our lives. But there is great concern about how it may be affecting the kids.  It is ... Read more

Stimulating learning by making better Schools

School is an institution developed for educating children. Schools play a major role in the development of the child. In general majority of the schools ... Read more

Importance of IT in Education

“Education” is defined as the process of learning and acquiring information. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world..Education ... Read more

Normal Bell Curve for better marks

How many times have you walked away from a test or exam paper thinking or saying aloud?  I wish I had more time! Oh, now I know ... Read more

Inclusive Education: Need of the hour

Inclusive education happens when children with and without disabilities participate and learn together in the same classes. Research shows that when a child with disabilities ... Read more

Character Education: Teaching Values, Morality, and Ethics in Schools need of the hour

The purpose of schools is to educate children and to prepare them for the world. Students must be taught not only academics, but character education ... Read more

Evolution of Modern Education in India and Challenges

The term education has been originated by middle French and latin word ēducātiōn-- (stem of ēducātiō), equivalent to ēducāt (us) +-iōn  at 1525-35; which according ... Read more

The future of Education

The nation needs an education system that excites and stimulates children, providing them with the learning they need - and deserve - to fulfill their ... Read more

Pioneer Shiksha Vol II

Second edition of the newletter are now relased and circulated in the market. The E-copy of the newsletter can be downloaded from  the attachement section ... Read more

Pioneer Shiksha Vol I

Download the issues from the attachment section of the website ... Read more

Editors Desk

Pioneer Shiksha ... Read more

About Pioneer Shiksha

The objective of is to provide students the ability and accessibility to hunt for papers, abstracts, and articles from academic publishers, information of professional ... Read more

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