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Role of Educational Institutes in Promoting Entrepreneurship

The Indian economy needs emergence of new, innovative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and education is an important factor in developing entrepreneurial competencies in individuals. India is ... Read more

Our Concept of Quality Education

When discussing or defining quality, it is important to distinguish between education and schooling. Some of the literature does make this distinction but much of ... Read more

If you think you can… can!

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” When facing a challenge, do you feel like you can rise up and accomplish ... Read more

Coping up the Exam Fear

Examinations are almost always stressful. Students rarely know exactly what to expect on the test, and those who suffer from exam fear or exam anxiety ... Read more

Career in Mathematics

India has a long and ancient mathematical tradition. The Sulvasutras, Vedic texts for the construction of ritual altars, contain a lot of geometrical results and ... Read more

The Impact of Social Media on Student Life

Today’s world is a global village. Everyone is connected to one another in this vast network generated by the Internet. As said by a philosopher ... Read more

Digital India –Empowering Citizens

In the current global scenario, strongly believing in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is one family) can usher the country into a new world of ... Read more

Digital India –New Entrepreneurial Opportunities

A good governing body requires a good communication platform to communicate with the stakeholder’s efficiently. Communicating with the citizens has been a big challenge for ... Read more

How Students Should Prioritise Their Workload

Despite what you might expect, course material is certainly not the most difficult part of school. Taken individually; the concepts, reading, papers, assignments, and tests ... Read more

Implication of Digital India on Education

Speaking at the SAARC Summit in Nepal last November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that “information technology has removed all barriers to quality education”. With ... Read more

What Business Needs from Business Schools

Six Principles for B-schools Program Reform Require more courses in the “people skills” that are vital to managing effectively. Emphasize the basic skills and tools needed ... Read more

Promoting entrepreneurship in India

It's a known fact that India, today, is an emerging economy that is destined to achieve milestones, on various fronts, in the near future. However, ... Read more

Importance of Technology in Education

In the world that we currently live in, technology is a very vital factor. With each passing day a new software or gadget is being ... Read more

Importance of Education in Society

Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It is really a means to discover new things which we don't know about and ... Read more

Student Life is Golden Life

It is said that “student life is golden life,” because student life is the most important part of human life. It is the period of ... Read more

Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is an indispensable subject of study. It plays an important role in forming the basis of all other sciences which deal with the material ... Read more

Improving Educational Quality

Test-based accountability systems are now a central feature of U.S. education policy. Accountability systems are implemented as a way to improve student outcomes through new, ... Read more

Benefits of Educational Technology

Today, everything that we come across has some technological connotation to it. Be it at home, school or workplace, technology has found a comfortable niche ... Read more

Online Admission System: Advantages and Disadvantages

In what may be termed a revolutionary move, the University Grants Commission (UGC), issued a directive to all Indian universities to conduct online admissions from ... Read more

Education and Personality Development of Students at College

From a modest beginning an Institute should be grown into a fully furnished management Institute and should hold a distinguishing position of pride in the ... Read more

total: 230 | displaying: 101 - 120
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