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Education system in India can be called prejudiced. It does not take into account the spirit of the qualification held by a person. The best example that can be given in this regard is the norms in respect of the minimum qualifications that are required to become an academician/ teacher that considers post- graduation as a mandatory requirement to become an educator. Their criteria of post-graduation does not include Chartered Accountants. The irony lies here!

Chartered Accountants are considered as experts in the area of finance. They play a very eminent role in building nation’s economy. Their role is very


Chartered Accountancy – is not just a course it is a social responsibility for which you are being trusted by the public, government authorities, corporates and others pillars of economy.
The chartered accountant is expected to have the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in the country. This degree is considered as the most prestigious degree, but it is said that powers come with responsibilities and similarly a chartered accountant is responsible to be honest towards their profession.
It’s a rare breed, as it is not easy to become a Chartered Accountant as the course is designed in such a


Computers are playing an important role in the information age. They deeply impact in many areas, undoubtedly, in the field of training to improve the calibre of learning as well as instruction. Several resources and technologies have been used to better the calibre of the instruction system. Prospective teachers, as well as teacher in-service, must aware about the impact of computers in the field of education as well as their subject area to make learning effective. This will assist teachers to experience the integrated technologies are assisting in their classroom instruction. This report will talk over the diverse utilization of


An ideal B-School is such that lays a solid foundation, focus on collaborative efforts between Academicians and Industrialists of National as well as International repute, have a vision to generate, train, absorb, convert and apply information, to address the needs of individuals, industry and society. A B-School should aim for greater eminence and international prominence in Management while building recognition in the business, education and research.

The focus must be Research, counting on reputation, look for inspiring faculty, aim to develop skills, have placements in reputed companies.
The following factors need to be considered:
• Self-Evaluation
• Career Goals


Travelling simply means to move from one place to other or from one country to another. Education is not only about reading books or learning few formulae, it also involves practically applying the knowledge gained from the books. Being an academician the following quote inspires me- “Travel far enough; you meet yourself” -Cloud Atlas.

Travelling helps us to know vivid cultures, explore the unknown and to see the unseen. Travelling also widens our view, it makes us modest. People learn to admire others while travelling. We find that there can be different ways of solving the problems. We learn that

Private schooling is the bedrock of India’s thriving education system

India has over 1.5 million K–12 schools, with over 250 million students enrolled. Of this, while 25 percent of India’s schools are private, they enroll over 40 percent of the student population. There is no doubt that the majority of Indians prefer sending their child to a private school over a government school, ceteris paribus. This is true for rural areas as well, which saw student enrolment in private schools rise from 18.7 percent in 2006 to 25.6 percent in 2011, according to an EY-FICCI report.

It is no surprise that attainment levels and learning outcomes of students in private

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PioneerShiksha.com is an educational website, an initiative taken by Pioneer Group Indore, wherein many excellent articles are contributed by intellectuals. It contains the articles and news related to education. The readers of this website will, by and large, have a reasonably establishment of interpretation of the concept of excellence in education right from primary level to higher level.

I am confident that this initiative will send a positive signal to the staff, students and all the persons who are interested in the educational and literary activities. It will act like a mirror which will reflect a clear picture of all

About Pioneer Shiksha

The objective of pioneershiksha.com is to provide students the ability and accessibility to hunt for papers, abstracts, and articles from academic publishers, information of professional societies, and other scholarly reports. The contributions made on this website include a group of intellectuals, renowned academician, industrialists, together with students valuable input etc.

This website will provide additional context that is outside the scope of a course syllabus. Accessing these materials via laptop, tablet, or smartphone will make it easy to fill all spare time of students with educational pursuits and helps in longer periods of dedicated study andcomfortingstudents toreally absorb material.

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