Travelling simply means to move from one place to other or from one country to another. Education is not only about reading books or learning few formulae, it also involves practically applying the knowledge gained from the books. Being an academician the following quote inspires me- “Travel far enough; you meet yourself” -Cloud Atlas.

Travelling helps us to know vivid cultures, explore the unknown and to see the unseen. Travelling also widens our view, it makes us modest. People learn to admire others while travelling. We find that there can be different ways of solving the problems. We learn that when people can live in such extreme conditions happily then why can’t we; when we are bestowed with so many facilities and have such cozy environment. I can recollect once when I was travelling to Leh, India; I found acclimatizing so difficult, it took me 2 days but on the other hand air force and army officials kept on travelling to Leh and happily working there along with their family.

Moreover, travelling enhances our knowledge, it helps generate new ideas. It breaks monotony of life. It helps in letting alive the spark in us. It makes us smart and self-reliant. By travelling one can gather wisdom and experience which can be shared time and again with our descendants. I keep on sharing my travelling experiences with my students they rejoice such out of the syllabus sessions which impart learning in them.

From travelling we learn how tiny space we acquire in such a big world. We get to know what the gifts of Mother Nature are. We get to see different types of soils, forests, flora and fauna, architecture, sculptures, monuments, scenery, climate, environment, history, music, art, technology, languages and much more while travelling.

Obviously travelling is fun. It’s a vibrant hobby, but it plays a significant role in education also. This is the reason why schools, colleges and educational institutes arrange for tours and trips. Hence, one should keep on travelling and keep our brains wide open during tours so that we can learn. 

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